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A brief description of some of the research services we provide includes:

AD TRACKING – Periodic or continuous in-market research to monitor a brand’s performance using measures such as brand awareness, brand preference, and product usage.

ADVERTISING RESEARCH – Used to predict copy testing or track the efficacy of advertisements for any medium, measured by the ad’s ability to get attention, communicate the message, build the brand’s image, and motivate the consumer to purchase the product or service.

BRAND EQUITY RESEARCH – Used to measure how favorably consumers view the brand.

CONSUMER DECISION PROCESS RESEARCH – Used to determine what motivates people to buy and what decision-making process they use.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION STUDIES – Employing surveys or exit interviews to determine a customer's level of satisfaction with the quality of their experience.

INTERNET STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE – Searching for customer opinions on the Internet, including chats, forums, web pages, and blogs, where people freely express their experiences with products.

MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS AND ANALYTICS – Building models and measuring results to determine the effectiveness of individual marketing activities.

MARKETING SUPPORT SERVICES – Helping to implement marketing programs by providing telemarketing, product sampling, sweepstakes entry collection, inquiry and fulfillment.

POSITIONING RESEARCH – Used to track how the target market sees the brand relative to competitors and what they perceive the brand stands for.

QUALITATIVE MARKETING RESEARCH – Generally used for exploratory purposes. Examples include focus groups, in-depth interviews, and projective techniques.

QUANTITATIVE MARKETING RESEARCH – Used to draw conclusions or test a specific hypothesis. Quantitative research uses random sampling techniques so as to infer from the sample to the total population. Examples include telephone phone surveys and questionnaires.

SECRET SHOPPING – Often used for quality control or for researching competitors' products.

SEGMENTATION RESEARCH – Used to determine the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of potential buyers.

ONLINE PANELS AND SURVEYS – Employing groups or individuals who respond to marketing research online.

TEST MARKETING – A small-scale product launch to determine the likely acceptance of the product when it is introduced into a wider market.